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The owners at Infinity AS requested a contemporary website that is easy to navigate and is highly dynamic on all devices.

It was important to them it tied in with their branding and represented the values that they are keen to get across to new customers and existing customers.

The website is clean, uncluttered and snappy allowing users to easily locate the information they need without confusion. All SSL certificates were issued and installed as well as regular security updates.

Not only did the site need to look appealing, but it needed to be functional to fit it with the businesses day to day needs.

We implemented a stock system that can be sorted by price and easily navigated on all devices.

A backend portal was also provided to make it a simple process for the dealership to upload vehicle details and photographs.

The vehicle detail pages replicate all the information entered by the dealership with a layout that is flexible and appealing to view from all devices. Using the ‘single page’ vehicle listing would further advance search engine rankings using the title and description of the vehicles on sale.

We added a full screen gallery so that customers were able to see the photos is better detail and scroll through with ease.

Contact forms were also placed throughout the site in order to encourage visitors to inquire through the website.

Extensive search engine optimisation work has also been implemented to achieve maximum exposure in the company’s local area.

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